Why invest in your SMSF?


1.   Recent market analysis found that 70% of people now aged 50 – 69 will earn less than $320 per week at retirement!


a.  Can you and your dependents at the time survive and enjoy retirement on $320 per week?

b. We live to work, we work to live … but at retirement can we afford to live when we can’t or don’t want to work?


2.   Using the 9% superannuation grant levy, you may not know, will only provide a quarter of what you need in retirement.


a.  We just don’t realise how much money we will need to come out on a weekly basis. Not enjoy life, just to come out!


3.   the required income for a retired couple, who are debt free, would need to be in the order of $43,000 today


a.  Inflation at even 3% will turn today’s value of $43,000 into over $85,000 in just 20 years time

b. Will you have accumulated sufficient capital so that you can retire in the lifestyle you are accustomed to and wish to maintain?


4.   We also know that retirement capital after retirement will probably run out far sooner than needed!


a.  It will not run the length of retirement – and we are living longer these days.


5.   Having shared all the ‘cup is half full’ doomsday information with you, we ask you to realise the fact that :


a.  We need to put more away towards retirement than we currently do

b. We need to start far sooner investing in our Super

c.  And most importantly … we need an element of control and choice of how our money is invested


i. PROPERTY provides you with an overall solution to accelerate your savings

ii. To become tax efficient now and at retirement

1.  Tax Efficiency at retirement will guarantee you more money in your pocket !!

iii. Forces you to save towards your retirement

iv. You can run your SMSF into perpetuity for your beneficiaries

v.  Minimise capital gains taxes, maximise the outcome


6.   Leveraging with a financial institutions funds, up to around 70% (of borrowings), in the purchase of your Investment Property


a.  Which, after holding for 10 years in your SMSF, for which there is not one cent of Capital Gains payable if you sell when you retire.


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