Property investment is a relatively safe and forgiving way of managing your risks. If you pull it apart and look at all that property investment offers; you will be amazed. There are three basic needs in life, food, clothing and shelter. Our ever increasing population and changing lifestyle means that there will always be a demand for property. In Australia alone it is expected that our population will reach 42 Million by 2050!

When investing in property, you have to look at your investment return. Property type, demand and location are key to capital growth and the difference between losing money and making money. With the right advice on these categories and the help of Invest Property Solutions, you can buy multiple properties to assist in your retirement for the future.

Invest Property Solutions will help with:

  • Capital Growth (The property grows in value)
  • Mortgage structure (Saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars)
  • Rent returns up to 5% to 7% and sometimes higher
  • CPI (Rental Inflation Average per year 3.1%)
  • Tax returns (tens of thousands in your back pocket)
  • Renovations( Increasing equity)