Invest Property Solutions has a very carefully handpicked team of Financial Mortgage professionals who act for you as their client. They are specialists in their field and understand what it takes to successfully build a property portfolio. We have personally met many people that have been to their local bank or dealt with their trusted broker who did not necessarily understand property investment and ended up setting the client up with a structure that did not suit their needs.

This incorrect structure can potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars over a period of time and restrict your ability to duplicate your portfolio!

Each client we meet has a different need and lifestyle so we cater for this to make sure their affairs are carefully structured to suit them.

SMSF Funding  Is an absolute specialist area and the rules to be approved for finance are heavily reviewed by the banking world.

General rules are:

  • 20% to 30% deposit to purchase property held in your SMSF account.
  • Borrowing 80% to 70% from selected banks.
  • Super fund must also pay for stamp duties and legal dues from the SMSF account.
  • Needs to be a buffer amount in SMSF account to cover 1% to 1.5% to service the loan.
  • Individual SMSF Trusts need to also show annual monies going in the fund.

We provide access to the best teams to offer this service and will educate you during the process to make sure we have the best options for you as our client.

Equity Funding At Invest Property Solutions we refer to home equity as LAZY MONEY. This simply means, it is money sitting idle that clients can access to build assets and leverage so that over any given period of time you are making your money work for you! There are many advantages in utilizing this money, and if it is structured correctly, you can actually fast track the repayments on your current home and pay the amount owing 3 times quicker than the traditional way.

This means you are saving money and not giving it to the banks, and saving money is making money!

FACT – “The average home mortgage takes 30 years to pay off”,

FACT – Broadly speaking if you pay the same amount month in month out that the banks told you to pay on your family home e.g. $400,000 borrowing you will pay approximately $467,000 in interest in the first 19 years. Then you pay during the last 11 years what you actually borrowed, that is $400,000.

FACT – Just imagine paying that $400,000 out in say half the time potentially saving you $210,000 in interest!

FACT “We have had clients pay their entire mortgage out in 5 to 7 years” Would you like to know how?

Personal Mortgage Contact us now for a no obligation review of your current mortgage structure. We will educate you during the process and design the best possible solutions for you. Our Finance mortgage specialists have access to 40 different lending institutions and will work to ensure that you get the best possible deal and structure to suit your situation.