• Deal directly with your own personal Financial Adviser.
  • Direct reporting allows you to watch your assets grow.
  • Have a professional team you can go to directly, and see face to face.
  • You can be the Director and call all the shots.
  • You can diversify from Property, shares, managed funds, stocks, etc.
  • All accounting handled in house by your personal team.
  • Earning you far more dollars for retirement.
  • “No second guessing and independently owned”, meaning no shareholders’ commissions.
  • Control your super and have it invested in an asset you understand.
  • Preserve your personal cash flow.
  • Use your existing super fund balance to fund the deposit.
  • Pay off the property using your employer’s 9% super contributions and the rental income received from the property.
  • Pay no capital gains tax if the property is sold in the pension phase after age 55.
  • For those aged under 55 only, pay 10% capital gains tax if the fund sells the property.
  • If you make additional contributions through the fund or receive any rental income, pay tax at the maximum rate of 15% instead of your full marginal rate which can be up to 46.5%.
  • Take advantage of the proven returns from real estate, helping you grow your super.
  • Enjoy consistent rental return from your property investment.
  • Tailor your investment strategy to meet your requirements.
  • Have assets inside the fund that may offer asset protection benefits.
  • Preservation Age when selling Born before July 1 1960 at 55 years upon retirement, you can sell the property capital gains tax free.
  • Up to June 1964 sliding on a one year scale capital gains free.
  • Buy as many properties as you wish.
  • Selling prior to preservation age of retirement at only 10% capital gains tax.
  • Property grows from 7% to 10% every year over long-term being capital growth.