For more than 17 years Dean Ind has been imparting valuable industry knowledge, and helping his clients grow high performance property portfolios. He has dealt with thousands of people from all walks of life, and from many different countries. Dean holds a Cert V in real estate, and a full REIQ license. He also holds a PIAA License (Property Investment Association of Australia). Dean has been a guest host and speaker in countless property seminars, and he has an extensive knowledge base when it comes to the world of property investment.

Dean Ind has traveled extensively throughout Australia and overseas, investing a lot of time in learning what property investment is all about. Dean has put together an extensive network of property investment professionals, including developers, builders, bankers, accountants, solicitors and financial planners. Dean has a wealth of experience and knowledge at the highest levels of property investment.

“I offer my clients knowledge, education and the wisdom that comes through experience. I am very committed to obtaining the best possible results, and I strive relentlessly to build high performance property portfolios.”

Dean Ind allows his clients to leverage his own experience, and access to his network of skilled property investment professionals, enabling them to avoid common mistakes and achieve their goals!

You can speak with Dean Personally today about your plans to build a high performing property portfolio. Just complete the contact form on this page and Dean will be in touch with you shortly.