Each client we meet has an understanding of what he or she is trying to achieve. We meet our clients to understand their needs so that we can offer the most suitable property options and price plans according to our clients expectations and financial positions.

The most important things a developer has to deal with are: building, design, finish and location.

Property example:

  • Apartment buildings Internal size, quality of building, price point, body corporates, location, design, final touch, growth in area, suburb profiling, future infrastructure etc.
  • Land Soil testing, Soil movement, house designs, street position, suburb location, types of housing designs and potential covenants to name a few.
  • Housing  Designs, finishes, quality, turnkey options, landscaping, guarantees, pricing and budgeting.
  • Commercial  Location (very important), building material, size, age, growth in area and returns.

All these factors, and more are considered in order to ensure that the available properties meet all requirements and provide investors with the confidence and knowledge that they are making a sound property investment decision.