Investment Property Tax Advice Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland

Whether it is your first or third addition to your portfolio, the value of guidance from professionals cannot be underestimated. While clients are keen to get the benefits that come with investing in a property, many are still unaware of all of the processes and considerations needed in order to get the best result. Here at Invest Property Solutions, we know benefiting from your purchase takes much more than simply picking the right location and getting the best deal. That is why we offer comprehensive services to cover every aspect of the process.

As well as offering reliable property investment advice in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Central Queensland, we also assist clients after their purchase. Tax is difficult for many, let alone those who also have to worry about their investment property. Tax advice can help but it is important to find a team you can trust.

Professional Property Advisers

We have access to some of the top professionals in the field of accountancy, give you the best possible advice and service when it comes to arranging your taxation affairs. By assisting you in setting up the correct structure and maximizing what you can claim on tax, these professionals will help in accessing the extra funds that you would normally pay in taxation fees and setting up those all-important variations. This will assist in helping you build your portfolio.

Choosing the right location, and the type of building to construct, on the right block of land, is a difficult decision to make. We offer property investment advice that covers all bases. Our advisers can inform you of the ideal areas to build and purchase, based on a number of factors. You need to consider the current and future infrastructure, the type of tenant you are looking to attract and of course what sort of building will provide you with the best return. All of these factors seem easy, but knowing the right combination is where our consultants excel.

Don’t leave it to chance and expect that your accountant is claiming all possible deductions. Many of our clients have been amazed at how much extra they can end up with in their back pockets!

We offer a free consultation to see if you are happy with your current tax structure. We are confident that we can place more money back in your pocket. Contact the IPS team on 07 5452 9813 to book a consultation.