How to find a simple property investment calculator?

A property investment calculator provided by one of the major banks or financial institutions can be very useful in your early research on investing in property.
Simple property investment calculators will give you a good basic understanding of:

  • Initial costs
  • On-going ownership costs
  • Loan details
  • Loan types – interest only or principal and interest
  • Interest paid over time
  • How much you need to fund each week?
  • How much stamp duty will I pay?

Here are links to free property investment calculators provided by some of the major banks and institutions:

Westpac investor calculator

AMP calculator for investing in property

ANZ 6 steps to buying and investment home

If you are serious about investing in property, you will need a much more in-depth analysis of potential investments properties you may be considering. You will need to answer numerous questions such as:

  • How much can I afford to borrow for an investment property?
  • Which property will make the best investment in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast?
  • Will negative gearing work in my favour for this investment property?
  • What tax deductions will apply the the rental property I am considering?
  • Will there be extra costs above the rental I receive for this investment property?
  • Is this investment property going to be Cash-Flow positive?
  • Will there be capital gain tax if I sell my investment property?
  • How much net after tax profit will I make if I sell the investment property within 5 years, 10 years?
  • What is the rate of return on this property investment?

To avoid the traps and make a wise and sustainable investment, you need to work with and experienced property expert. Dean Ind will help you develop a detailed and comprehensive property investment plan using state of the art investment tools and calculators that will enable you to build a high performance property investment portfolio over the next 5 years.