Property Investment Brisbane

There has never been a better time for property investment in Brisbane. The Brisbane City Council has prepared a 118 page document outlining the plans for infrastructure investment through to 2031. You can view this significant document here: Brisbane long term infrastructure plan

Population growth is expected to reach to nearly 1.3 million by 2031, or 14.1% This will require around 156,000 new dwellings, most of which will be delivered via infill and redevelopment.

670,000 new jobs forecast by SEQ 66% of which will be located in the metropolitan Brisbane area. 290,000 will be in Brisbane City itself.

This unprecedented population growth will result in high demand for inner city accommodation, a trend which has not gone unnoticed by developers, with the Brisbane skyline dotted with high-rise developments.

Brisbane is blessed with a sophisticated modern economy, cultural diversity, and world-class industry capabilities, all of which make the city a hot-spot for foreign investment. Find out more here: About Brisbane