5 crucial steps to becoming a first home owner

Step 1:

Find out how much you can borrow to buy one of our purpose built first home owner properties.

Step 2:

Leverage your employment history to demonstrate a steady reliable income.

Step 3:

Build a solid savings history with your bank

Step 4:

Put together a professional presentation of your current and projected situation to present to the bank. We can help with a Taylor made, “knock your socks off” first home buyer presentation.

Step 5:

Work with a “Mastermind” team of experts – in the end you will avoid many pitfalls. It is so important to get off to a great start as a first home owner.

Researching the Market

Due diligence for first home owners includes researching the market thoroughly. Certain areas and demographics are known to perform better than others in terms of capital growth. You are only a first home owner once in a lifetime. This means that when you are ready to take the next step towards owning your dream home, you will have built maximum equity, and that will open up a vast array of previously un-thought-of options for your second home.

Consider how much rent you are paying today? Why shouldn’t you be paying off your own mortgage and building equity rather than building someone else’s wealth.

Invest Property Solutions can offer you a brand new property today

Repayments can be as low as 300-400 dollars per week. You get to choose a brand new apartment, a town house, or a house and land package. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they find out just wht is possible. Start your plans to won your dream home today.

First Home Owners Grants

The Queensland government offers assistance to first home owners in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast. You can find out more at Great Start Grant

Speak to a real person

It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, simply call Dean today on 07 5437 6851 for an obligation free chat.


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