IPS offers a complete financial service complimenting our property advice. Our network  of skilled professionals offer the following high performance services.
• Financial planning.
• Chartered accountancy.
• Mortgage Lending and re-structuring.
• Property Management.
• Building and construction.

What we promise is to “LISTEN TO YOU”, we want to know what your current situation is, what are your goals and prepare a high performance strategy to get you there fast.

• During your financial health check, we will re assess your current position and take to our board and analyse how we can save you on payments to the bank allowing free cash to utilize better.
• We can look at how to create a better taxation position for you, to create more cash refunds for you.
• We can look at your current investments and work on a strategy that is better structured to make you more money.
• How we can offer a better property management system and a better rate of fees and a 24 hour on line property inspection system and feedback so you can keep an eye on your investment property live.
• Look at and assess your current super funds to see if is it working for you? We can make more money for you majority of the time.
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