4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms / 2 Car Garage

Brand New Home & Land Packages prices start at $425,000 up to $455,000 Dollars

Purchase can be made with Super Funds, Pure Equity or Cash Deposit Investment through Invest Property Solutions for $25 Dollars per week at 100% Lending.

For many Australians, SMSFs offer 4 major advantages:
1.More control over investments you can decided where you want to invest most of our clients diversify a bit of property and some managed funds etc.
2.Greater investment flexibility ( speak to my financial planning team to see what we can offer).
3.Generally lower fees than industry and retail funds.
4.On average, better performance than industry and retail funds. Making you more money and not to mention better tax breaks as well!

More control and greater flexibility over investments is why our clients are switching over to a Self Managed Super Fund.

SMSF members can choose where their retirement savings are invested, with options including listed shares, bonds, listed investment companies (LICs), exchange traded funds (ETFs) and direct property.

This flexibility in investment options allows SMSF members to actively manage their investments. With a hands-on investment approach, SMSF members can quickly adjust their portfolios as markets change sell when the market is hot buy when it is down.

Lower fees and better performance.

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