House and Land in Brisbane

Offering full turn-key packages at $1100 per sq m not at the going average rate of $1,300 per sq m. So, on average, a 200 sq m home will save you $40,000. This means you will make $40,000.

If you are looking at a house and land package for an investment purchase or as a permanent place to live in, this is the way to go. We can build any type of home for our clientele with 30 year warranties. This is including land from south, south eastern, south western and eastern to all your northern corridors of Brisbane. We can also cover NSW and Queensland if any particular client wants to build or invest in other locations. On an average rental return in most homes you can safely be at around 5 %. Due to our building rate, we can achieve a higher return of up to 6% a week and all locations with tremendous infrastructural growth and capital growth forecasted, plus rental inflation.

The future forecast from the Queensland government is stating that, on the eastern seaboard, land is becoming in more demand as we are slowly running out of quality positions. The effect is that blocks will be dropping down to 100 sq m. This is already happening and forecasted to be on the market by 2016. So now is the time to get house and land packages with bigger blocks as this will be the demand for future re-sales.

If you are looking at a Self-Managed Super Fund purchase or a pure equity or cash deposit investment, we have all locations covered. Offering a full property report and costings, you will see that a brand new house and land at worst case will cost you only $60 a week. WORST CASE!

Quality full turn-key packages with everything thrown in.

Just simply move in with the furniture and start getting returns.