Damien Coombes

I found myself wanting to purchase a home and was knocked back by the banks a number of times after applying for finance. I gave up hope and settled in [...]

Damien Coombes2020-05-12T07:00:46+00:00

Tina & Mark Ryan

When we first met Invest Property Solutions, we were thinking of buying an investment property and even though the thought was there we never did anything about it. We were [...]

Tina & Mark Ryan2020-05-12T06:58:00+00:00

Alex and Anastasia Curtis

I met the owner of the business Dean Ind via a good friend of mine who had told me to speak with Dean as he is the go to guy [...]

Alex and Anastasia Curtis2020-05-12T06:55:22+00:00

Rita and Co.

I am so grateful for your time today and for meeting us this morning. My girls raved on how down to earth you were all the way home. Thank you [...]

Rita and Co.2020-05-12T06:53:01+00:00

Matthew Wilson

Dean and myself meet via a referral a friend of mine said talk to Dean Ind if you are looking at investing in property as he really knows a lot [...]

Matthew Wilson2020-05-12T06:51:17+00:00

Cash Flow positive Testimonial

I meet Dean Ind on a flight to Rockhampton when I was heading to work. We introduced ourselves to each other as we were sitting in the same row. We [...]

Cash Flow positive Testimonial2020-05-12T06:42:12+00:00

Sergio and Nella

I was fortunate to stumble on to Dean's services after being being bitten by a property shark who took advantage of our lack of knowledge to sell us an overpriced [...]

Sergio and Nella2020-05-12T06:39:30+00:00
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