I meet Dean Ind on a flight to Rockhampton when I was heading to work. We introduced ourselves to each other as we were sitting in the same row. We started talking about where we flying to and why. Dean mentioned to me that he builds house for people and can offer certified property advise when it comes to investing and all general advice to property. I mentioned to Dean I was looking at my first home owners grant and that I was worried and didn’t know what to do. Dean told me he can certainly look after me and that he can get land and do a build for me no matter where I wanted to go, as he had most of Australia covered. We swapped numbers and then Dean rang me when I was back from work and we organised a meeting. I must admit I was worried about everything and was very cautious and after chatting to Dean Ind on our first meeting he educated me and gave me a level of trust and a new confidence in his ability and the way he conducted himself. After a few weeks we worked on a property and Dean offered me a great solution to build a dual key home so I can live in one side and get rent from the other side. He delivered a property that was very well finished and a great design. He was with me from day one to the settlement time, Dean over saw the entire project and even did to pre settlement inspection. I lived in the home for 8 months and now rent both sides out with Deans Property Management company and even the service there is of the highest standards. The property is making me $180 a week so Dean taught me to use this extra money to place extra repayments into the mortgage as this will save me hundreds of thousands in interest repayments. This way I can get my second property soon. Dean also help me out with a few more things and nothing was ever a problem, a man you can truly trust and the company offers integrity and honest service and deliver a brilliant product.